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One of the things that more and more people are looking for these days are alternative options of conventional pharmacological treatments such as cannabis. We have long recognized that need, and thus began looking for options ourselves more than a decade ago. Herbal Pantry was born out of a personal interest in natural and organic options for pain, stress and anxiety, and with the encouragement and support of our early clients, the business catapulted to what it is today: one of leading and most trusted dispensaries for mail order cannabis in Canada offering a variety of cannabis products to suit the growing demand for it.

Meeting High Demands and Good Logistics

The cannabis products industry is currently enjoying lots of attention and support in Canada – and with good reason! Much of this can be attributed to the growing body of research-based evidence on how effective it is on a variety of physical and mental conditions and ailments without many of the side effects that one can usually expect from using synthetic drugs on a continuous basis. The discovery of how various strains of marijuana can treat specific illnesses and conditions better than others also add much excitement over its potential now and in the future.

However, access to cannabis products and medical marijuana in Canada was quite a challenge for many. Despite the legalization of cannabis products in 2000, we observed how there were still many people who did not have an idea on how to obtain some for their own use. Believe it or not, despite the overall general sentiment of support for medical marijuana in the whole of Canada, access proved to be a bit of puzzle for many – especially those who reside in areas that are far from growers and dispensaries.

This spurred Herbal Pantry to offer cannabis products and medical marijuana not just in select cities, but for the whole of Canada. We’ve worked hard to study the market, identify their needs and concerns, and applied the necessary actions to shape our business into a dispensary that caters to as many people as possible in a legal way. It took some time to get this off the ground, but our blood, sweat and tears have finally resulted in a thriving online shop that currently enjoys orders from numerous cities in the country!

Adherence to the Strictest of Standards

We’ve committed to making Herbal Pantry recognized by the government as a dispensary that adheres to the strictest of standards when it comes to top shelf cannabis as a way to assure our clients of only the best quality options. On our site, you will find nothing less than flowers, extracts, edibles and topicals that are of the highest quality.

Each item in our shop goes through the strictest screening process before our customers are able to access it. We do multiple testing for every stock, taking care to ensure each item’s freshness and effectivity, giving those that pass our screening process a rating of five gold stars before they’re stocked for sale. Anything that doesn’t make the cut will simply not suffice.

Managing Customer Needs – Securely and Privately

For an online store, we pretty much run a tight ship by introducing a membership to gain access to our products. At the moment, not anyone can just shop for our cannabis products as these are limited to Canadian residents who are at least 19 years old. The cannabis products that you order from Herbal Pantry will arrive at your doorstep in discreet packaging that will not give off any indication of its contents. What you can expect is an airtight, smell proof and unmarked vacuum-sealed bag inside an envelope that only has postal markings on it. We understand that your use is your business, which is why we strive to get our products from our office to your home in the quickest and most inconspicuous way possible. Shipping takes around 1-3 business days in major cities and centres, while orders that go out to rural addresses will take around 3 to 5 business days.

Because of the popularity of marijuana products for recreational use, it’s not uncommon for us to get messages and letters asking for ways to obtain our products in ways that aren’t necessarily legal. However, we maintain adherence to our policies that are also in line with that of Canadian requirements, with no exceptions.

A Service-Oriented Business Model

While Herbal Pantry has been around for quite some time, our business continues to grow in ways that we initially didn’t dream of – only because we take the time to listen to our customers’ feedback and tweak our products as well as business model until it 100% meets the market’s expectations. We have learned that the best way to make our business more effective is to listen to comments on how to improve our products and services, and look for ways to go about that in the least amount of time.

We look forward in developing our relationship with our clients this year and well into the next so we may continue to deliver nothing but the best cannabis products and medical marijuana in Canada, so please drop us a line! You can expect a prompt reply and follow up soon after, because we want to assist you in choosing the best possible cannabis products for your personal needs.

The Future of the Cannabis Industry: Brighter than Ever

At the moment, the cannabis and medical marijuana industry in Canada is enjoying tremendous amounts of support from its citizens and government. Legislations and future policies are consistently on the table to find out how else this industry can be best supported, which is more than what we had dreamed of more than ten years ago. We regularly read news about ideas to help support small, burgeoning cannabis growers so they can establish themselves in the industry that is more about cooperation rather than competition. Being right in the middle of all these good things happening in the Canadian cannabis industry simply affirms what have and continue to believe in: that not all ailments and conditions necessarily or automatically require chemical treatments, that natural and organic should always be everyone’s first option, and that this way of life is something that can be looked at with positive support and become a flourishing source of livelihood for many farmers and cultivators.

In the future, we hope to expand our business to a global scale when more nations recognize and champion cannabis products and medical marijuana as proven and effective natural alternatives to conventional medicine. For the meantime, all we can do is dream and commit to servicing the whole of Canada.

Our desire is to be part of this movement for as long as we can, and with as many friends as possible – including you.