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How Can I Become A Member to Order Cannabis in Canada

You must be a Canadian resident and at least 19 years old to be a member before you can order Cannabis in Canada. Here at Herbal Pantry our employees will not accept orders from people under age, this is a strict policy with no exceptions. Becoming a Member is required before being able to complete any purchases.

Payment Options & Process
We accept Interac email money transfers from Canadian banks. If you need more information on sending an Email Money Transfer, send us an email with your questions and one of your herb enthusiast will be more then happy to provide any information you require.

Please read carefully to avoid delays processing your order

Please make sure the ID provided to open your account matches the following:
– The name of the eTransfer sender
– The name in the shipping details (The recipient of the order)

eTransfers will NOT be accepted until all the above-mentioned match. Once Herbal Pantry accepts your e-transfer, your order will be packed and sent off for delivery. You are going to get a Tracking Number from our 3rd party mailing provider. That easy…

I’ve sent my E-transfer. Now what?

It can take a few hours for us to receive the eTransfer, please be patient as it is out of our control how long it takes for us to receive the transfers. Your order will be pending until we collect your payment.

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